Memory slots on CentOS or Linux in lshw

Install lshw [crayon-5f2ee1221ef30608268854/] [crayon-5f2ee1221ef3d059929113/] View [crayon-5f2ee1221ef43319188366/]  

AMD Opteron 6300 Tune BIOS on KVM Virtualization

2.2 BIOS Configuration Summary Load BIOS defaults. Set the date and time. I am going to…

MTU Change All Port Mikrotik

[crayon-5f2ee12220536149119594/] [crayon-5f2ee12220540025362815/] Where MAX-L2MTU: 10220 Change all max MTU [crayon-5f2ee12220548183043605/]  

kipmi0 ipmi_si Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0

Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0 or /dev/ipmidev/0: No such file or directory

Performance Tuning Guides for AMD EPYC Processors

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9361-8i vs 9271-8i

2019 год: будущее хранилища началось и RAID-контроллеры 12 Гбит / с находятся на подъеме. Avago Technologies…