Remove and Restore Cluster Proxmox

Please backup file nodes [crayon-64232c3493513556002882/] on pve1-sun [crayon-64232c349351b535105497/] on pve2-sun [crayon-64232c349351e159031404/] Удаленине кластера Proxmox [crayon-64232c349351f704848371/] Остановка…

Proxmox, cluster not ready — no quorum?

[crayon-64232c3495d63508887655/] ssh in command line [crayon-64232c3495d6a078423595/] after the server is started, the cluster will be restored

Restart proxmox VE services

[crayon-64232c3495eb9957744251/] add in file [crayon-64232c3495ebe907196567/]  

TASK ERROR: VM quit/powerdown failed — got timeout

Proxmox is a complete opensource server virtualization management solution. It offers the ability to manage virtual…

License Proxmox

[crayon-64232c34962b5854818101/] Only Test please buy License  

type: ‘libvirt_default’; object: »; value: »; msg: ‘libvirt while performing «Start»: «operation failed: binding ‘vnet14’ already exists»‘ (message: ‘operation failed: binding ‘vnet14′ already exists’; hostmsg: »; actionmsg: ‘msg_error_libvirt_action’; action: ‘Start’; __message__: ‘operation failed: binding ‘vnet14′ already exists’; group_id: ‘3734’

[crayon-64232c34963fc855354266/] [crayon-64232c3496401592677597/] or in VMmanager 5 [crayon-64232c3496403281199762/]  

SELinux enable for VMManager 5

Панель VMmanager не поддерживает работу с SELinux. При установке ОС из шаблона SELinux в выключается в…

(type: ‘crypto’; object: ‘decrypt’; value: ‘error:0407109F:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2:pkcs decoding error’; msg: ‘An error occurred while working with keys or certificates. Failed to decrypt the data error:0407109F:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2:pkcs decoding error ‘ (object: ‘decrypt’; value: ‘error:0407109F:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2:pkcs decoding error’; group_id: ‘2007’)

2020-12-14 12:29:42 Ошибка (type: ‘crypto’; object: ‘decrypt’; value: ‘error:0407109F:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2:pkcs decoding error’; msg: ‘An error occurred…

Convert qcow2 to raw

Установите qemu-img: [crayon-64232c34966ba512161527/] Converting qcow2 image to raw image format using qemu-img: [crayon-64232c34966be509310341/] Converting raw image…

Установка Windows 7, Windows 10 на виртуальный сервер хостинга GalaxyData

Установка пользовательской Windows, на вирутальный сервер хостинга. 1.Перейдите в панель управления из биллинга Переход в VMmanager…