Mikrotik RB5009 is a powerful router with a high-performance CPU that can handle even the most demanding networking tasks. The RB5009 is equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 CPU that can reach speeds of up to 1.5 GHz.

One of the key features of the RB5009 is its ability to dynamically adjust the CPU frequency based on the workload. This means that the router can scale its performance up or down depending on the demand, which helps to optimize power consumption and reduce heat output.

The RB5009 also has a built-in heat sink and fan to help dissipate heat and keep the CPU running cool, even under heavy loads. Additionally, the router has multiple Ethernet ports, including 10 Gigabit SFP+ ports, making it an ideal choice for high-speed networking applications.

Overall, the Mikrotik RB5009 is a versatile and powerful router that offers excellent performance and flexibility. Its dynamic CPU frequency adjustment and advanced cooling system make it an ideal choice for demanding networking environments where reliability and performance are critical.

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