Errors on Arista ports — show interfaces counters errors

show interfaces counters errors

The show interfaces counters errors command displays the error counters for the specified
Command Mode
Command Syntax
show interfaces [INTERFACE] counters errors
• INTERFACE Interface type and numbers. Options include:
• <no parameter> all interfaces.
• ethernet e_range Ethernet interface range specified by e_range.
• management m_range Management interface range specified by m_range.
• port-channel p_range Port-Channel Interface range specified by p_range.
Display Values
The table displays the following counters for each listed interface:
FCS: Inbound packets with CRC error and proper size.
Align: Inbound packets with improper size (undersized or oversized).
Symbol: Inbound packets with symbol error and proper size.
Rx: Total inbound error packets.
Runts: Outbound packets that terminated early or dropped because of underflow.
Giants: Outbound packets that overflowed the receiver and were dropped.
Tx: Total outbound error packets.
Related Commands
• show interfaces counters
• show interfaces counters bins
• show interfaces counters queue
• show interfaces counters rates
• This command displays the error packet counters on Ethernet interfaces 1-2.
switch>show interfaces ethernet 1-2 counters errors
Port FCS Align Symbol Rx Runts Giants Tx
Et1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Et2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


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