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    xtrabackup single table

    I copied data from Mysql source version to Mysql destination version and insert to database Test_Database_Backup. Steps executed: 1. Backup one table innobackupex —no-lock —include=’^test_database_backuptrn_users’ —no-timestamp /tmp/test_single_back 2. Confirmed directory /tmp/test_single_back 3.Execute prepare step before restoring innobackupex —apply-log —export /tmp/test_single_back 4.Confirm /tm/test_single/back/test_database_backup had file trn_users.frm trn_users.ibd trn_users.exp trn_users.cfg 5. Log in to...

  • Application
    open_files_limit Percona 5.7 — #1040 — Too many connections

    Иногда выходит ошибка в логах: #1040 — Too many connections добавляем строку после этого  

  • Database
    Изменение Timeout в MySQL, MariaDB, Percona

    Посмотреть все текущие лимиты можно командой: Вывод будет примерно такой:   1. Start the DB server as ‘root’ user with  the comandline option and check the values of ‘net_read_timeout’ and ‘wait_timeout’ The result may be like this : mysql> SHOW SESSION VARIABLES LIKE ‘net_read_timeout’; +——————+——-+ | Variable_name    | Value...