Synchronized network BGP Mikrotik refers to the configuration of a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing protocol in a network environment using Mikrotik routers. This configuration allows for the exchange of routing information between different autonomous systems (AS) and ensures that the network remains synchronized and updated.

To set up a synchronized network using BGP on Mikrotik routers, the first step is to configure the routers with the necessary network information, including the AS number, IP address, and subnet mask. This information is used to identify the routers and their respective networks.

Next, the BGP protocol is enabled on each router, and the routers are configured to establish peer relationships with each other. This is done by specifying the remote IP address of the other router and configuring the authentication settings.

Once the peer relationships are established, the routers begin exchanging routing information, including network prefixes and the paths to reach them. The routers use this information to build a routing table, which is used to determine the best path for outgoing traffic.

In a synchronized network, all routers use the same routing information and maintain consistent routing tables. This ensures that traffic is always routed through the most efficient path and prevents loops or routing errors.

To ensure the reliability and stability of the network, it is important to monitor the BGP peering sessions and routing updates. This can be done using tools such as the Mikrotik RouterOS console or third-party monitoring software.

Overall, configuring a synchronized network using BGP on Mikrotik routers provides a scalable and efficient solution for managing network traffic and routing information in complex network environments.

Please add route list:



Use 2001:470:12:1bc::1 only BGP tunnel


2a0b:6903::/48 and 2a0b:6903:fdb::/48 your network anonced bgp

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