Обновление Plesk 12.0.18 Update 67 – на сервере plesk1.galaxydata.ru

Автоматические обновления для WordPress теперь включены. Обновление Nginx до более стабильной версии 1.9.4

Обновление Plesk 12.0.18 Update 67 – на сервере plesk1.galaxydata.ru


[+] новые функции

[*] улучшена функциональность

[-] вопрос решен

Последние обновления:

  1. [-] A reliability issue with repairing SmarterMail domain was resolved.
  2. [-] Migration of the whole server failed if the option “Skip server global settings and system services configuration” was selected and there was specific content on a subscription in Plesk. (PPPM-2681)
  3. [-] The “Additional write/modify permissions” option switched off when users updated subscription’s hosting settings. (PPPM-3328)
  4. [-] Automatic updates for WordPress were disabled despite the fact that the user enabled them during WordPress installation (Custom). (PPPM-3334)
  5. [-] A domain was not enabled or disabled in mail server configuration when the user enabled or disabled the mail service in the domain’s service plan settings. (PPPM-3246)
  6. [-] During the running of a long task when the task’s progress was displayed, some Plesk pages (related to Plesk extensions) reloaded every 5 seconds. (PPPM-3347)
  7. [-] The option to create a mobile site was unavailable due to an issue with the license for Unity One Plus with unlimited sites. (PPPM-3344)

Полный список обновлений находиться на официальном сайте: Release Notes for Plesk 12.0 for Linux Systems

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