GlobalSign – SSL certificates for maximum website security

GlobalSign is the world’s second largest certification center with WebTrust accreditation.Over its 19 years, the company has issued millions of trusted digital certificates to people, servers, and mobile devices for PKI-enabled solutions and applications.

Domain (DV) Verification
Normal Padlock
Available to individuals and entities
Subdomain Protection
Liability $10k
PROTECT OrganizationSSL Company
Organization (OV)
Normal Padlock
Available only to legal entities
Subdomain protection
Liability $1.25 million
Extended Organization Verification (EV)
Normal Padlock
Browser green bar
Available only to legal entities
Liability $1.5 million

Certificate issuance process for an individual

  • Генерируете CSR запрос на сертификат
  • Регистрируетесь в системе GalaxyData и Оплачиваете сертификат
  • Пройдите проверку от сертифицированного центра SSL сертификатов
  • Устанавливаете сертификат на ваш сайт

Certificate Issue Features

  • Re-issuing a certificate is a user-defined feature that can be produced multiple times and for free.
  • CSR can be created in advance and copied to the appropriate window when ordering, or ordered from us (AutoCSR function)
  • You will receive a notification by e-mail that the certificate is ready for release and a link from which it can be downloaded. Depending on the choice of method for obtaining a certificate (see paragraph 2 above), either the public key signed by us (when you generate the CSR yourself) or a key pair (a container with private and public keys protected by your password) is downloaded – the PKCS#12 method

Certificate issuance process for legal entity

  • Register on the site in the online store
  • Run a CSR request to issue a certificate or download your request
  • Form an order and at the stage of payment, select “payment for the order offline”
  • Send a company card and a scan of the document on the state registration of the company to the mail
  • Receive a contract by mail, for familiarization by your lawyers or director
  • We conclude a contract for consulting services for the purchase of certificates
  • Pay the invoice issued by our company
  • After receipt of payment, the certificate is issued automatically
  • You receive an email to confirm your domain
  • Verify your domain
  • Install the certificate on the site

SSL certificates from GlobalSign are already being used