BGP IP Address Announcement

Announcing IP addresses without installing additional hardware

2 000 RUB

BGP (IP Address Announcement) support

500 RUB

VLAN support (no additional ports)

16 000 RUB

IPv4 block /24

1000 RUB

IPv6 block /48


Offline network

The announcement takes place from the autonomous system of the provider.


We process the service only on working days: Mon-Fri.


A VLAN is required to provide the service.



Physical Security

Video surveillance in the data center. Round-the-clock security is located at the entrances and exits to the data center.


Electrical substations are reserved according to the N+1 method.

Air Conditioning

In the server room, the air temperature is adjusted at 18 °±2 °C (not more than 25 °C). Cooling is carried out by split systems of industrial level.


The data center is monitored by qualified engineers 24/7.


Data transmission network using fiber-optic communication networks. There is a direct channel to the EKT-IX exchange point. Check ping and trace to your ISP:


The ability to connect your server to its own intelligent protection against illegitimate traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my projects on the server consume a lot of traffic?

With a constant load on the channel of more than 100 Mbit / s, we strongly recommend that you connect an additional guaranteed bandwidth from 200 Mbit / s. Example: you load a dedicated port at 200 Mbps, you need to order an additional 100 Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth.

Is there a test mode?

No, server placement is provided immediately after payment.

What is the bandwidth of the channel?

Each 1G server port is connected to a common communication channel at a speed of 1 Gbps. Traffic is unlimited and not charged.

Which providers are connected to you?

Most of the traffic passes through the largest provider Rostelecom. We are also connected to the providers Akado-Yekaterinburg, UralVES, Huracan Electric. We have 10 Gbps peering with other providers, at exchange points EKT-IX, MSK-IX.

What kind of monitoring do you use?

All engineering systems are monitored by zabbix monitoring system. If you want to check your server and your services on the server, you can order an additional monitoring service.

Can I host a tower server?

Server hardware accepted for placement can only be in the version of the Unit type. Tower system units are not accepted for placement.

Internet 1000 Mbps?

Physically, your equipment will be connected to a 1 Gbit port and for each such port we allocate 1 Gbit of Internet to familiarize our network and all peering connections. For all projects, 100 Mbps speed is usually enough, but if you have a media project with a large amount of traffic, then you need to immediately order a guaranteed channel.

Can you advertise your network block or build A BGP?

You can, if necessary, we will help you with this.

Are you a reseller?

No, all equipment belongs exclusively to us – from communication equipment, servers, optical connections, to conventional power cables and even sockets for their connection. By purchasing services from us, you get full access to them. The intervention of any “second” or “third” parties is excluded, since they simply do not exist. Cooperating with us, you work with the so-called “first person”.

Where is the data center located?

All equipment is located in the GalaxyData data center in Yekaterinburg. The engineering and telecommunications infrastructure of the data center is reserved.

Can I place mining equipment?

We plan to place ASICs, GPU farms, but at the moment the technical possibility of placing mining equipment is not provided.

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