AlphaSSL – Inexpensive SSL Certificates Are Perfect for Small Websites

AlphaSSL activates the necessary "secure sockets protocol" lock in all popular browsers and mobile devices – this tells visitors they have a secure connection between browsers and the server. Using SSL means that e-commerce transactions and customer data remain encrypted, which gives confidence in the security of your site. Our low-cost SSL certificates are ideal for entry-level websites. We have automated the application process so that you will receive your certificate in just a few minutes and without any hassle. AlphaSSL certificates are very low cost, about as cheap as you can get certificates issued by a strong 2048-bit root and capable of 256-bit encryption.



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  • Re-issuing a certificate is a user-defined feature that can be produced multiple times and for free.
  • CSR can be created in advance and copied to the appropriate window when ordering, or ordered from us (AutoCSR function)
  • You will receive a notification by e-mail that the certificate is ready for release and a link from which it can be downloaded. Depending on the choice of method for obtaining a certificate (see paragraph 2 above), either the public key signed by us (when you generate the CSR yourself) or a key pair (a container with private and public keys protected by your password) is downloaded – the PKCS#12 method

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  • Register on the site in the online store
  • Run a CSR request to issue a certificate or download your request
  • Form an order and at the stage of payment, select "payment for the order offline"
  • Send a company card and a scan of the document on the state registration of the company to the mail
  • Receive a contract by mail, for familiarization by your lawyers or director
  • We conclude a contract for consulting services for the purchase of certificates
  • Pay the invoice issued by our company
  • After receipt of payment, the certificate is issued automatically
  • You receive an email to confirm your domain
  • Verify your domain
  • Install the certificate on the site