The front and rear sides can be expanded with four slots simultaneously, compatible with specifications 2242/2260/2280/22110, supporting M.2 M-KEY NVME SSD and Aoteng, and supporting M.2 PCle expansion cards and devices.

Equipped with a full-height chassis frame and a half-height chassis rim, it can support the installation of a small 2U server chassis.

The innovation lies in the addition of two-sided turbo fans that can dissipate heat from both sides, two-speed wind speed regulation, and the first design.

The LED indicator is a soft light that turns on when the connected disk is powered on, with a green light flashing during read and write operations.

PCI-E4.0 RAID 0 mode ensures stable full-speed operation with a read speed of 14000 MB/s.

It supports four full-channel NVME SSDs and M.2 PCI-E devices with an X4 interface, and the motherboard supports PCI-E split or PCI-E RAID functions.

We use the best materials, high-quality printed circuit boards, surface gold plating technology, good conductivity, high wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and high flame resistance.

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