The PCI-E4.0 RAID 0 mode ensures stable full-speed operation with a read speed of 14000 MB/s.

It supports four full-channel NVME SSDs and M.2 PCI-E devices with an X4 interface, and the motherboard supports PCI-E split or PCI-E RAID functions.

We use high-quality materials, including printed circuit boards with surface gold plating technology, ensuring good conductivity, high wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and high flame resistance.

The PCI Express Gen 4×4 interface provides up to twice the performance of PCIe Gen 3 SSDs.

Special hardware accelerators deliver more than three times the write performance of the previous generation.

It features TCG Opal 2.0 encryption management, data protection through DIF/DIX, and support for extended sizes.

It also includes a power loss protection scheme.

Samsung SSD controllers and VNAND ensure high volume and simplified SSD qualification.

It is designed for one disk write per day (DWPD).

It delivers up to 900K IOPS random read speeds.

It is backward compatible with PCIe Gen3 hardware.

The U.2 interface makes it a hot plug-in for server enclosures.

SSD 1.92Tb Samsung PM9A3 (MZQL21T9HCJR-00A07)
SSD 1.92Tb Samsung PM9A3 (MZQL21T9HCJR-00A07)

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