memory dimm incompatible with memory controller Supermicro
The current intel DCPMM (until 2019/10) can support up to 2666 MHz so when memory modules that have frequency spec of 2933MHz or higher than 2666MHz, users will see the message “memory DIMM incompatible with memory controllers” at POST which is to remind user that the memory is not having the same spec of memory speed as DCPMM and will be configured to the same speed of DCPMM to meet the DCPMM spec.
As long as the memory module is on the Supermicro tested memory list, the DCPMM, as well as the memory, should work.
If the message is preferred not to be displayed, please configure the BIOS settings as below then the message should not appear at POST.

1. BIOS menu->Advanced -> Chipset Configuration -> North Bridge -> Memory Configuration -> Enforce POR –> Disabled.
2. manually configure the memory speed to 2666MHz as DCPMM or to an even lower speed 2400MHz when the CPU, such as Xeon scalable processor 4210, can only support up to 2400MHz.
Advanced -> Chipset Configuration -> North Bridge -> Memory Configuration -> memory frequency -> 2666.

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